Army’s harassing combined-operation in Jibtali of Rangamati

Photo : Symbolic

Hill Voice, 20 November 2023, Rangamati: Reportedly, army from Kaptai Zone and Gabaghona Army Camp of Jubtali union in Rangamati Sadar Upazila under Rangaati hill district conducted a harassing joint-operation in Balukhali and Mogban Union.

According to local source, a group of army (with bag and baggage) led by Subedar Md. Saiful numbering 18/20 personnel from Kaptai Zone and Gabaghona army camp under Jibtali union of Rangamati Sadar Upazila concertedly drove an operation in Mogban Union and stationed at Jaganachara Govt Primary School of Dogeya Para in Mogban Union on Sunday (19 November) 2023, at around 3 pm.

From there, the army conducted operation in the Kaptai lake and nearby areas, and harassed the locals by interrogating and threatening. On 20 November, 2023, they reportedly returned to the camp on foot.

On the hand, it is learnt that on 20 November 2023 (around 9 am), a patrolling group of army numbering 9 personnel from Pangkhua Para army camp of Balukhali union under Rangamati Sadar upazila, carried out patrolling operation at Laksmayna Para and listed the number of the houses and family members of the village.

In addition, they harassed the villagers interrogating and threatening- “Whether the terrorists came? If they come you must inform us, otherwise we will take away you all tied to the camp.” Around 11 am they left the village.

Notably, recently the army operated extensive harassing operations in Nanyachar, Jurachari, Bilaichari, Farua and Balukhali areas and these are still on causing panic and fear among the locals.