Army searching and patrolling in Bandarban, fear in mass psyche

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Hill Voice: 27 April 2020, Bandarban:  Recently a massive searching & patrolling has been conducted by army in Kuhalong union under Bandarban Sadar upazila and Sadar union of Rowangchari upazila.

During searching & patrolling, on the basis of direction from Bandarban Sadar army zone, the army ordered four local villagers to be present in Rowangchari Lulengpara army camp.

Those occurrences have created extreme panic in the mind of local indigenous peoples, in addition to on-going food crisis happening for the lock down to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sources said that, on 21 April 2020 at 6.00 pm a group of army consisting of four personnel and four members of Ansar members conducted a patrolling in Kibuk Para (an indigenous village) under Ward No. 2 of No. 2 Kuhalong union in Bandarban Sadar upazila.

At that time, they took positioned at the ground floor of Kibuk Para Buddhist Temple building. Towards the dusk, a vehicle put them down over there. Later another group of army numbering 30-35 personnel arrived at Kibuk Para. However, there is no report of harassment of anyone.

On the other hand, local sources informed that on 21 April 2020 members of the army searched the villagers, in their words, ‘who have joined the armed group from Rowangchari’. On that night, army took away Malek Bawm to the camp.

Again, on 25 April 2020 in the morning a group of army conducted a patrolling at Bengchari of Rowangchari Sadar union of Rowangchari upazila. At that time, army took their position at a school of that village.

It is learnt that just 3/4 days ago, army searched in their words ‘terrorists’ of armed group at some houses of that village. After finding none, they warned other members of the house and left the place issuing an order to four persons to be present at Rowangchari Luleng Para camp on the basis of an allegation of Bandarban Sadar army zone.

The four persons who were ordered to be present at camp were identified as- 1. Muinu Mong Marma (38), son of late Mongkhyoi Marma; 2. Ushwe Ching Marma (44), son of Kyawkhoi Marma; 3. Wai Ching Mong Marma (48), son of late Bathui Ching Marma; 4. Uchaw Nue Marma (39), son of Chaisui Mong Marma. Locals said that they are all innocent villagers.

Though they were not present at the above said camp in fear of torture, their guardians attended the army camp. After abuse in inexpressible words and harassing, the army released them on that day.

On that day, the villagers were also abused taking them to the camp, the local source informed.

The government, law enforcement and security forces have been making conspiracy of labeling the persons who are vocal for implementation of CHT Accord as terrorist, extortionist and miscreant with a mean aim to spoil the process of implementation of CHT Accord, to weaken the movement of Jumma people, above all to implement the anti-CHT Accord and anti-Jumma interest blue-print without any hindrance in collusion with the ruling special group.

As part of this, the army is carrying out arrest by putting arms with the arrestees, sending jail, killing by shooting in cold brain in the name of cross-fire, searching houses, beating etc. anti-humanity acts in three hill districts.