Army provides shelter to Mog Party terrorists in Bandarban town, panic in public life

File Photo: A group of Mog Party terrorists

Hill Voice, 19 September 2022, Bandarban: It has been alleged that 25 armed terrorists of Marma Liberation Party (MNP) popularly known as Mog Party were kept overnight at Para Kendra School at Ujani Para, the heart of Bandarban city under the security of Bandarban Army Brigade.

This incident happened last Sunday (September 18). As a result of giving shelter to Mog Party terrorists openly with weapons in uniform in densely populated areas of the city in this way by the army, there has been a lot of fear and widespread panic and concern in the public mind.

According to local sources, on Sunday 18 September at 4:00 PM, the said 25 armed terrorist members of Mog Party were brought to Para Kendra School in Ujani Para of Bandarban city under the supervision of three intelligence personnel assigned from Bandarban Army Brigade. Food and accommodation are provided for them there.

Then on Monday (September 19) at around 4:30 am, under the supervision of the three members of the Intelligence Force, they were taken to the Tamru area through Barua Tek of the city. It is alleged that while on their way, the armed terrorists demanded extortion from Bengali construction workers in Barua Tek and at one point they beat up some of them.

According to eyewitnesses, 11 of the 25 terrorists of Mog Party were seen carrying modern automatic weapons. And the remaining terrorists had Point 22 rifles and SBBL guns.

It is also known from local sources that at the end of last August, armed terrorist members of Mog Party were taken by the army to Chitmaram area of Kaptai Upazila of Rangamati district to engage them in terrorist activities including murder, kidnapping, extortion, etc. At that time, armed terrorists of Mog Party were forcibly kept in the rest house of Chitmaram Buddhist Bihar without the permission of Bihar authorities.

It is also reported that in the consecutive attacks from morning to afternoon on 01 September 2022 by the rival group, 4 armed members of Mog Party were killed while staying at the rest house of Chitmaram Buddhist Bihar. Terrified by this, the members of the Mog Party fled from Chitmaram to the Kaptai Sadar under the security cordon of the army.

It is to be noted that the army, the defense intelligence agency DGFI, the ruling Awami League and the administration have been providing shelter and support to armed terrorist groups, such as, Prasit-led UPDF, UPDF (Democratic), Reformist JSS, MNP known as Mog Party, Kuki-Chin National Front known as Bawm Party, Shamim Mahfuz-led Jamaat Arakan, RSO, ARSA etc. aiming at obstructing the process of implementation of the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) Accord signed in 1997, destroying the leadership of the Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samiti, which is continuing movement for the implementation of the Accord, and above all, diverting the CHT situation to different direction.