Army patrol operation, threat to kill cause panic in Bilaichari

Photo: Symbolic

Hill Voice, 12 March 2024, Rangamati: A group of Bangladesh army was alleged to conduct patrol operation and threaten to shoot to kill some Jummas if they are found at a jumma village of Bilaichari union 1 in Bilaichari upazila under Rangamati hill district, resulted in widespread panic among the people of the area.

According to local source, a group of army numbering 22 personnel led by a subedar of 32 bir from Bilaichari army zone took position at the Bilalichari mon para govt primary school of Dhupyachar ward no. 2 under Bilaichari union no 1, on 11 march 2024, at around 11 am. Just then, while conducting operation, the commander called for the karbari (village head), and taking out a list, the army official mentioned some Jumma names including Saimon, Agamon, Tanbir before karbari.

Afterwards, the army commander inquired about several things including their addresses, their parents locations of that listed Jummas and threatened that they would be shoot to kill once they are found. Under these circumstances, the inhabitants of the area are in great anxieties.

Reportedly, the army group returned to the camp on March 12 around 1 pm after staying overnight at Bilaichari Mon Para Government Primary School.