Army patrol operation in No.1 Ward of Barthali of Reingkhyong Valley

Photo : Symbolic

Hill Voice, 26 July 2023, Rangamati: It is reported that the Army are conducting a patrolling operation in No.1 Ward of Barathali Union of Bilaichari Upazila of Reingkhyong Valley. This has created anxiety and panic among the locals.

According to local sources, a group of 40 soldiers led by a captain from Thangkuitang camp in Barthali Union conducted a patrol operation in Saralyachara and Raimongchara of No.1 Ward of Barthali Union on Tuesday (July 25).

At one stage of the patrolling operation in the two villages, the army team reportedly stayed overnight at the UNICEF school in Raimongchara.

As a result of the army operation, the villagers of Saralyachara, Raimongchara, Bairagyachara and Mitingyachara have panicked.

It should be noted that the current government has stopped the implementation of the CHT Accord and has strengthened the military authority and military rule in the Chittagong Hill Tracts like the previous dictators, which has led to widespread military operations, repression and harassment in various areas.

In the last six months (January-June 2023), at least 311 Jummas have been subjected to human rights violations by the military in 60 incidents. Out of which 18 people were arrested, 15 people were temporarily detained, 122 people were beaten and injured, 40 people were victims of false cases and military operations were conducted in 27 villages.

During this period at least 14 massive army operations took place in Bilaichari area alone. At least 20 to more than 200 army personnel participated in each of these army operations teams. Hundreds of Jumma houses were searched, harassed and created an atmosphere of fear. Many Jumma villagers were beaten, threatened and harassed. Army men snatched and ate Jummas’ domesticated cows, goats, chickens and rice etc. for free.