Army operation in Jurachari: Harassment, house searches, consuming of cattle & rice

Photo: Symbolic

Hill Voice, 29 December 2022, Rangamati: It has been reported that army operation is going on in remote Moidung and Jurachari Union of Jurachari upazila under Rangamati district.

During the army operation, allegations were found that the army personnel were harassing the local Jumma people, including searching their houses, and consuming cows, goats, chickens and rice free of cost.

On the other hand, it is said that many villagers are fleeing their homes in the severe winter due to the fear of army torture. Many local villagers said that many more news are not available due to inaccessibility of communication system.

It is said that this army operation is being led by Zulkifli Arman Bikkyata, the zone commander of Bonjogichara army zone under Jurachari upazila, including the commanders of various army camps under his jurisdiction.

According to local sources, on December 27, 2022, an elderly man named Shambhu Chakma (65), a resident of Amtala village of No.6 Ward of Maidung Union, was detained by the army while returning from Jokkhabazar of Jurachari Sadar and was released the next day (December 28) at 11:00 am.

It is said that yesterday, on December 28, 2022, army personnel searched at least three houses. The owner of these houses are- (1) Amardhan Chakma (30), son of Pomesh Chakma, Village-Mono Adam, No.9 Ward, Moidung Union; (2) Bimotmoy Chakma (25), son of Sutrasen Chakma, Village-Mono Adam, No.9 Ward, Maidung Union and (3) Kalachokhya Chakma, Village-Badalhatchara, No.6 Ward, Moidung Union.

On the other hand, it was reported that on the same day, in the presence of Zone Commander Zulkifli Arman Bikkyata, army personnel slaughtered and ate a cow worth 70/80 thousand taka of a villager in Beltala area of Ward No.6 of Moidung Union without payment and permission.

Not only that, it has been alleged that army personnel are taking goats, chickens and whatever they get in front of them for free of cost in Beltala and Amtala areas of No.6 Ward under Moidung Union.

It has also been reported that for the past few days, a group of the army has been staying in four houses the owner of the houses are (1) Satyaban Chakma (50), son of Banu Chakma, (2) Indraban Chakma (55), son of Nanga Chakma, (3) Bichche Naga Chakma, son of Gulchokhya Chakmas and (4) Pandak Chakmas, son of Gulmuni Chakmas in Beltala village of Ward No. 6 of Moidung Union. The people of the houses have moved to other houses. On the other hand, it was alleged that the army personnel were threshing the rice in the house of the villagers and consuming them as they wished.

It is known that from last December 21, 2022, under the leadership of Zone Commander of Bonjogichara army zone, this operation of the army started in the name of finding terrorists in Jurachari area. It has been reported that there are 200-250 army personnel under the leadership of Zone Commander Zulkifli Arman Bikkyata, Shalbagan Army Camp Commander Captain Asif, Silchari Army Camp Commander Captain Abdullah, Fakirachari Army Camp 2IC and Lulongchari Army Camp Commander.

It is said that these army personnel are currently divided into four groups and are stationed in two groups in Beltala and Amtala area of No.6 Ward of Moidung Union and in two groups in Janata Para and Azadhona area of No.5 Ward of Jurachari Union.

Meanwhile, it is said that the army’s operation and the news of harassment of army personnel, house searches, consuming cattle and rice have created an atmosphere of panic and fear in the area. As a result, many Jumma villagers are fleeing from their homes even in severe winter. Many nearby villages are reported to be devoid of men and youths.