Army of Jurachari zone also join the combing operation

Photo: Symbolic

Hill Voice, 7 October 2022, Rangamati: Army camp under Banjogichhara zone of Jurachari upazila of Rangamati district has also joined the ongoing combing operation across Bilaichari, Rowangchari and Ruma upazilas.

According to local sources, an army group of 20/25 personnel led by Captain Mosharraf from the new camp set up at Lulangchhari under Banjogichhara army zone has started operations in Baris Gola area of Ward No. 5 of Jurachhari Union today Friday (October 7).

It has also been reported from reliable sources that another army group under the leadership of Zone Commander Lt. Col. Zulkifli Arman PSC may join operation from Banjogichara zone headquarters on Friday night.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that the Shilchari army camp under the same zone may also join the operation.

This combing operation has started in Rengkhong Valley from last October 3. Around 800 to 1000 army personnel from Bilaichari, Rowangchari, Ruma and Bandarban zones, led by respective zone commanders, participated in this combing operation along with Bawm Parti armed terrorists.

Bandarban Brigade Commander in the campaign

Bandarban 69 Infantry Brigade Brigadier General Md. Ziaul Haque along with 50 soldiers arrived at Gangachra village of Reingkhyong canal today Friday (October 7) around 12:30 pm to join the combing operation.

Yesterday (October 6), an army helicopter attempted to land in Hingehara village (north of Gangachara, on the east bank of the Reingkhyong Nala) but failed to land. Later, 40 local villagers from Gangachara were forcibly captured and aground for making 2 helipads was leveled. Helicopters may go to the concerned areas from today.

Ruma Zone Zone Commander Lt. Col. Hasan Shahriar Iqbal came to Roninpara camp in Rawangchari yesterday (October 6) by helicopter.

The helicopter brings logistics and supplies to the army. Meanwhile, a new helipad has been constructed at Sippi Para in view of the arrival of the GOC of 24 Infantry Division of Chittagong.

According to the locals, the residents of Ronin Para have been ordered to cut down bamboo and trees from the forest to build the army stage. GOC of 24th Infantry Division will come to inspect the operation.