Army Major instructs Mog Party in Rajasthali: ‘We want dead body, give us corpses’

Photo: A group of Mog Party members on the ground of Poaitu Para Government Primary School in Gainda Union, Rajasthali

Hill Voice, 24 December 2020, Special Correspondent: Major Manzur, commander of Rajasthali sub-zone in Rajasthali upazila of Rangamati district, told representatives of Mog Party who are supported by the army and the local Awami League, “We want dead bodies, show us corpses. We don’t know where you will get the dead bodies from.”

Army Commander Major Manzur said this comment in an emergency meeting with their representatives of the Mog Party, an offshoot of Arakan Liberation Party (ALP)expressing dissatisfaction with their recent weakness in carrying out terrorist activities.

According to a reliable source, a secret emergency meeting of the representatives of the Mog Party was held with the local army authorities under the leadership of Major Manzur in the Rajasthali Army Sadar Sub-Zone of 23 Bengal in the morning of 23 December 2020. The meeting was attended by a number of people including Sabuj Marma, Kathowai Marma as representatives of the Mog Party.

Major Manzur said in the meeting, “You are only 23 persons here. You can’t do any work. You are being killed again and again. You are just sitting and eating,carrying out extortion. You can’t do anything againstParbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samiti (PCJSS).”

Major Manzur added, “Kill those supporters who work for PCJSS. You show us the dead bodies. We don’t know where you will get the dead bodies from.”

At that time, a representative of the Mog Party, Sabuj Marma, said, “We have filed the cases against everyonein the PCJSS. They have all gone hideoutin the forest. Where can we get them?”

Then Major Manzur added, “UP elections are coming up. That is why the field has to be heated. If you can’t do, tell me, we will make other arrangements.”

At the meeting, the representative of the Mog party added, “We are less in population. Our people cannot come from Burma. There are conflicts in Burma, so people can’t come.”

It is learnt that on 23 December 2020, Major Manzur also threatened the members of the Mog Party over the phone and said, “We want the dead body. We have to see the corpse. We don’t know where you will get the dead bodies from.”

According to the sources of the Mog Party, some days ago some members of the Mog Party went to Myanmar with BDT 5/6 million, assuring that they would bring weapons and people from Myanmar. But they have not returned yet. It is suspected that they will not return and fled with the money.

It is also learnt that those who have already been admittedin the Mog Party were supposed to be paid BDT 5,000 per month. Later they are being paid BDT 700 in a week. It is learnt that at present the number of members of the Mog Party in Rajasthali area is 26 persons. Among them, 10-15 persons are locals. The rest, including the commander, are known to be from Myanmar.

Some members of the Arakan Liberation Party (ALP) left the party and formed the Marma Liberation Party (MLP), now known locally as the Mog Party, with the support of army and local Awami League.The Mog Party, under the auspices of the army and the ruling Awami League, carries out terrorist activities including extortion, kidnapping, ransom, murder, etc. in the Rajasthali area of ​​Rangamati, including some areas of Bandarban.

There are long-standing allegations that providing necessary help, patronage and shelter, the army and the local Awami League in Bandarban have been using the Mog Party for various terrorist activities, including killing, abducting and entangling members of the PCJSS in fabricated cases.

It is to be noted that in order to obstruct the implementation process of the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) Accord and divert the situation in the Chittagong Hill Tracts to other direction, the army and the local leadership of the ruling Awami League have been providing support to the JSS (MN Larma) known as Reformist faction and the UPDF (Democratic) to carry out conflict and violence and terrorist activities such as murder, murder, extortion, kidnapping and extortion.

On the other hand, members and supporters of PCJSS are calling for the implementation of the Chittagong Hill Tracts Agreement, calling the individuals and organizations ‘terrorists’, ‘extortionists’, ‘armed miscreants’ and filing false cases against them.

On the other hand, labeling the individuals and organizations demanding implementation of the CHT Accord including the members and supporters of PCJSS as ‘terrorists’, ‘extortionists’ and ‘armed miscreants’, false cases have been filed against them, arrests have been made, houses have been searched and physical torture has continued.