Army force the locals to provide sand and water for construction of the mosque in Sajek


Hill Voice, 20 October 2020, Rangamati: A mosque is being built in the tourism area of ​​Sajek in Rangamati. Sand and water are being extracted from the local Shijakchara for this construction work. But the people of Sajek and Baghaichari areas have already held human chain programs to stop the construction of the mosque in the Jumma inhabited area. Even then the construction of the mosque has not stopped. So the locals protested and cut off the supply of sand and water from Shijakchara.

But the army obstructed it. On Monday (October 19), former UP Chairman Atulal Chakma, local elder Pradeep Moy Chakma and village head Natun Joy Chakma were called to the Machalong Bazar Army camp. When they went there, the camp warrant officer Md. Mizan threatened them and said that sand and water must be supplied until the construction of the mosque is completed. He threatened to sue otherwise.

A week earlier, the chairman of the water supply committee in the tourism area was allegedly taken from his home to the camp at night and harassed and intimidated.

Fearing such a threat from the army, locals are now being compelled to provide sand and water for the construction of the mosque.