Army-backed Reformists attack Rangamati’s Harikshang, 6 houses searched


Hill Voice, 17 July 2020, Rangamati:  It has been alleged that an armed group of army-backed Reformist terrorists raided Harikshyang village in Balukhali Union of Rangamati Sadar Upazila under Rangamati district and searched 6 houses of the villagers. During the search of the houses, the Reformist terrorists threatened the people of the houses and snatched one mobile phone of one person.

According to local sources, on 15 July 2020 Wednesday at around 7:00 pm an armed group of 10/12 people including Sahen Chakma and Nayan Chakma led by Artik Chakma of the Reformist terrorist group suddenly came to Harikshyang village and raided 6 houses of the villagers one after the other.

The houses searched are- 1. Sujoy Chakma alias Timir (48), son of Gyana Chakma; 2. Tilak Chandra Chakma (41), son of late Batya Chakma; 3. Joy Kumar Chakma alias Abikal (44), son of Sursen Chakma; 4. Samar Bijay Chakma (37), son of Pettoa Chakma; 5. Kanu Chakma (50), son of Sudhanshu Chakma; and 6. Shashimoy Chakma (38), son of Lombachcha Chakma.

It is learnt that during the encircling the houses, the terrorists asked the people of the house about two persons named Rigan Chakma and Bindu Chakma. The terrorists instructed the family members to report the whereabouts of the two persons if they found out them and threatened to inflict extreme consequences on the family members if they did not do so.

The terrorists also snatched one mobile phone from Sujoy Chakma alias Timir while returning to their base at Sublang Bazaar adjacent to Subalong army camp.

On the other hand, on 10 July 2020 at 5:34 pm, another army-backed terrorist group, UPDF-(Democratic), threatened Sonaram Chakma, a student and youth affairs secretary of Jibtali Union Committee of PCJSS, on a phone to implicate him in a false case.

It is learnt that Sonaram Chakma along with his son Ripon Chakma were instructed by the UPDF-Democratic terrorist to surrender to them at the base of Chairman Para by 11 July 2020 and threatened to be accused of six murders in Baghmara of Bandarban if they did not meet the deadline. The terrorist member of the UPDF-Democratic then cut off phone to tell him to refrain from active activities with the PCJSS.

On 16 July 2020, at around 12:00 noon, army-backed UPDF-Democratic terrorists locked the doors of the houses of Sonaram Chakma, 55, and Sonamni Chakma, 35, at Chairman Para of Jibatali Union.

At that time, the terrorists called other neighboring Jumma villagers and informed them that none of the villagers would be able to accommodate Sonaram Chakma and Sonamani Chakma. The house of the one who would give them shelter will be set on fire.

It may be mentioned that Sonaram Chakma and Sonamani Chakma are the member of Rangamati Sadar Thana branch and general secretary of Jibtali Union Committee of PCJSS respectively.

They are currently being forced to flee their homes in the face of threats from Reformists and UPDF-Democratic terrorists. However, despite the presence of police and army near the village, they are not playing any role in this regard.

Photo: UPDF places a flower wreath mentioning ‘Military Department’

It is to be noted that the army have been harboring Reformist armed group to aobstruct the implementation process of the Chittagong Hill Tracts Accord and to thwart the self-determination movement of the Jumma people. Under the auspices of the army, the Reformists are carrying out armed activities with the role of Razakars, a collaborator force during the Bangladesh liberation movement, carrying weapons in the open. On 7 July 2020, they placed a wreath for the victims of the Baghmara killing in Bandarban mentioning ‘Military Department’.