Army-backed armed terrorist group atrociously shot dead 8 persons in Rowangchari


Hill Voice, 8 April 2023, Bandarban: There is allegation that 8 people of Bawm community were shot dead by army-backed Reformists and UPDF (Democratic) in Khamtang Para of Rawangchari Sadar Union on the border area of Ruma and Rowangchari upazilas in Bandarban district.

It is learnt that the people of the area got panicked in the incident and took shelter in Bawm Community Center in Ruma Upazila Sadar. Since the incident, tense is prevailing there in Khamtang Para and its surrounding areas.

According to local sources, last Thursday (April 6) around 6:30 am, a group of 20-25 armed terrorists of the Reformist and UPDF (Democratic) entered Khamtang Para and fire blank shoots causing panic among the villagers. Later, the terrorists detained 22 people from the village one by one.

Afterwards, the terrorists freed 15 out of the 22 detainees. Another 7 people were kept detained at Khamtang Para Primary School.

Source further said that on Thursday night, KNF, known as Bawm Party, carried out two gun-attacks on the Reformist and UPDF (Democratic) armed terrorists stationing in Khamtang Para.

There was an exchange of fire between the two groups. According to sources, while the second attack was carrying out in the early morning by the Bawm Party, the Reformist and UPDF (Democratic) terrorists got angry and shot the 7 detainees to dead. Besides, an armed member of the Bawm Party was also killed in the gunfight.

It is learned that around 6.30 pm on Thursday (April 6), a group of KNF went out to attack the Reformist and UPDF (democratic) group stationed at Khamtang Para Primary School. But a member of the Reformist and UPDF (Democratic) engaged in sentry saw the attacking armed members of the KNF and immediately opened fire on them, followed by others. The KNF member died on the spot.

The deceased persons are identified as 1. Van Du Bawm (35), 2. Sang Khum Bawm (45), 3. Sun Phir Thang Bawm (22), 4. Boy Rem Bawm (17), 5. Jahim Bawm (40), 6. Lal Lian Ungk Bawm (44) and 7. Lal Thazar Bawm (27). Among them, 6 are residents from Jurbharang Para and 1 from Pankhiang Para. However, the name of the armed member of the Bawm Party killed in the gun fight was not known.

Sources said that among the 7 persons killed, 3/4 of them, including Jahim Bawm, were armed members of the KNF. They were spending leaves in Khamtang Para. The rest were innocent villagers.

After the incident, a group of army rushed to the spot in 4/5 vehicles from Rowangchari army camp. Locals witnessed that the Reformist and UPDF (Democratic) terrorists left the spot in two army vehicles.

Afterwards, the army and police recovered the dead bodies from the spot. It is reported that the dead bodies of the deceased have been sent to Bandarban Sadar Hospital for autopsy.

Terrified by this incident, 270 villagers of 80 families left the village and took shelter in Government High School in Royachari Sadar and Bawm Community Center in Ruma.