Another KNF landmine explosion in Ruma, 2 killed, 3 injured in a week

Photo : (Above) Killed Construction worker Md. Rashed, (Bottom) Injured Md. Dulal.

Hill Voice, 23 May 2023, Bandarban: It has been reported that a construction worker was killed and another construction worker injured in Remakri Prangsa Union of Ruma Upazila under Bandarban district in a mine explosion planted by Kuki-Chin National Front (KNF) terrorists, known as the Bawm Party created by the army.

2 people were killed and 3 people were seriously injured in two mine explosions in the last one week.

Meanwhile, some are complaining that despite not achieving much success in the army operation against the KNF, the army are forcing Pahari (Jumma) and Bengali workers to work in dangerous areas and using these unarmed workers as human shields and pushing them to their death.

Today 23 May 2023 at around 11 am, the name of the construction worker killed is Md. Rashed (18), son of Nurul Haque, Village-Chanua-Madina Para, No.4 Ward, Banshkhali Upazila, Chittagong and the name of the injured person is Md. Dulal (35), son of Mahibullah, Village-Chanua-Madina Para, No.4 Ward, Banshkhali Upazila, Chittagong.

According to local sources, Md. Rashed was killed on the spot and Md. Dulal was injured when a mine suddenly exploded during the construction work of the border road conducted by the army and BGB in Bankupara area of Remakri Prangsa Union of Ruma. It is said that these two workers were taken to work there yesterday.

It is to be noted that earlier on May 17, 2023, during the operation of Bangladesh Army in Remakri Prangsa Union of Ruma Upazila, a landmine planted by the KNF exploded and one Jumma named Jewel Tripura was killed and another Jumma named Abraham Tripura was seriously injured while working as an army worker. On this day, an army personnel was also injured in the mine explosion.

It is reported that on this day, the army forced several Jumma villagers of Remakri Prangsa Union to go with them as forced laborers for carrying goods and doing various jobs. At one stage of the army operation, around 3 pm when the army team reached the foot of a hill adjacent to Saloupi Para of Remakri Prangsa Union, a mine suddenly exploded.

Several villagers who did not wish to reveal their names alleged that after two army soldiers were killed and three others were injured in an ambush by KNF on May 16, 2023, the army are taking ordinary Jumma villagers as porters from various villages of Ruma, Thanchi and Rowangchari upazilas and using them as manpower in the war. So far, more than 100 Jummas are said to have been taken by the army as porters.