An innocent villager arrested by army in Subalong


Hill Voice, 5 April 2020, Rangamati:  On 5 April 2020 at around 11.00 am a group of army of Subalong Army Camp of Subalong union of Barkal upazila under Rangamati Hill District has arrested an innocent Jumma villager named Shanti Jiban Chakma alias Ajit/Kalaiya (45), son of Chittoma Chakma.

Arrestee Chanti Jiban Chakma is a resident of Shilchari village under Baghachala Mouza of Subalong union. Occupationally he is a farmer and a timber businessman.

It has been learnt that Shanti Jiban Chakma usually resides at Barkal upazila headquarters with his family. Today (5 March) in morning he went to his village house of Shilchari to see his own paddy field. Just from that place, a patrolling group of army of Subalong army camp led by Subedar Farooq and Subedar Alamgir, has picked up Shanti Jiban Chakma.

Till writing the report, army has not released detained Shanti Jiban Chakma and has reportedly detained at Subalong army camp.

He is not currently involved in any political activities. Victim’s family sources said there was no case against him in the police station.

BGB searches Juba Smiti’s president in Barkal

Today 5 March 2020 when Zone Commander of Barkal Sadar 45 BGB camp of Barkal upazila under Rangamati Hill District went to the nearby Jagannath Chara BGB camp, he has reportedly searched Laxmi Raj Chakma (30), son of Laxmi Kanta Chakma, president of Aima Chara union committee of CHT Juba Smiti to various men.

Also in the meantime, BGB made harassment several times on Laxmi Raj Chakma and his family members raiding house and searching.

It is to be mentioning that with a heinous objective of quashing the CHT Accord implementation process and executing the anti-Accord and anti-Jumma-interest blue print, the government in collaboration with specific quarter, the law & order forces and army have been hatching one after another unabated conspiracy involving an effort to color the PCJSS members and indigenous right activists as terrorists, extortionists and miscreants.

As a part of the attempt, on 13 March 2020, Chairman of Subalong Union Parishad Tarun Jyoti Chakma was arrested from the jail gate by police and intelligence forces after he was released from the Rangamati jail on high court bail. After his arrest, he was shown arrested in the murder case of Koko Chakma in Subalong. On 7 November 2019, he was arrested by the army from the Rangamati town on charges of grenade attack on Subalong.