An innocent Jumma arrested by army after being beaten by Mog Party in Rajasthali


Hill Voice, 30 April 2022, Rangamati: It has been alleged that an innocent Jumma was tortured inhumanely by Mog Party terrorists in Bangalhalia Union area of Rajasthali Upazila under Rangamati Hill District and later arrested and falsely accused by the Army.

The victim was identified as Chinumong Marma (30), son of late Monghlaching Marma. The house of Chinumong Marma is in Noapara village of No.1 Ghilachari union of Rajasthali upazila. His wife’s house is in Headman Para of Bangalhalia union. He has been living at his father-in-law’s house in Headman Para of Bangalhalia for a long time since the marriage.

Chinumong Marma is an innocent villager and is known as a rickshaw puller and day laborer by profession.

According to local sources, on the afternoon of April 28, 2022, Chinumong Marma came to his father-in-law’s house with vegetables from the market after work. As soon as the evening came out, the two terrorists of the Mog Party grabbed Chinumong Marma, blindfolded his eyes with a towel and took him to an unknown place. There, Mog Party terrorists beat Chinumong Marma overnight and tortured him with electric shocks. At one point during the torture, Mog Party terrorists forced Chinumong Marma to admit that he was an armed member of the Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samiti (PCJSS).

The source further said that the next day, on the morning of April 29, 2022, the blindfold of Chinumong Marma was opened. At this time Chinumong Marma saw that he was in the Bangalhalia army camp and a weapon was placed in front of him. Army personnel at the Bangalhalia army camp then forced Chinumong Marma to admit that he was an armed member of the PCJSS but engaged in cooking.

The army later falsely claimed through various online news outlets that a group of the army had conducted an operation on the basis of secret information and captured Chinumong Marma with a single-barreled gun and ammunition. However, local PCJSS sources termed the army’s claim as false and baseless.

It is learnt that the army then handed over the innocent Chinumong Marma to the Chandraghona Police Station after implicating in a false case.