An extortionist shot by G2 of Bandarban Army Region over dispute of sharing of extortion money

Photo: Army backed terrorists Atal Chakma

Hill Voice, 14 February 2022, Special Correspondent: An extortionist supported by the army and the ruling party was shot by the G2 of Bandarban Army Region over a dispute of sharing of extortion money and ransom.

According to local sources, disputes arose between the G2 of Bandarban Region of the Army Md. Ershad Ullah and Anupam Chakma in charge of the Bandarban District Administration of the UPDF (Democratic) and Kalachokha Chakma (Atal) in charge of the Finance Department over the sharing of extortion and ransom money.

Following to this dispute, Kalachokh Chakma (Atal) and Anupam Chakma were shot by G2 Md. Ershad Ullah of the Army Region on Wednesday, February 2, 2022 at 11:00 pm. Anupam Chakma, an army-backed extortionist and armed terrorist, was seriously injured in this shooting.

The incident took place in Segunbagan area, 200 yards away from Bandarban Sadar Army Garrison. Injured Anupam Chakma was initially admitted to the Emmanuel Medical Center in Bandarban district headquarters. Although the operation was successful, but he was referred to Chittagong Medical College as he was not getting recover.

Meanwhile, after being informed about the incident by the Regional Commander Brigadier General Ziaul, G2 Major Md. Ershad Ullah of Bandarban Region, who was in charge of coordinating the Reformist JSS, UPDF (Democratic) and Mog Party terrorist groups, was then and there transferred to Dhaka, concerned sources said.

It is to be noted that in order to obstruct the implementation process of the CHT Accord and to turn the movement for implementation of the Accord toward different direction, a reign of anarchism has been established through unleashing the Reformist JSS and UPDF (Democratic) armed terrorist groups created by the army and the local ruling party leadership by inciting them in killings, extortions and other terrorist activities. Atrocities upon the Jumma people including the PCJSS activists and supporters are being meted out by deploying the Reformist group and UPDF (Democratic) at Jibtali of Rangamati sadar, Subalong of Barkal and Tintila of Longadu of Rangamati district, Babuchara of Dighinala of Khagrachari district, and Balaghata and centre of the town of Bandarban municipality. These terrorist groups are carrying out extortion drives of lakhs of Taka under indulgence of the army, ruling party and administration.

On the other hand, the Mog Party terrorists have been killing, abducting, extorting ransom and extorting millions of takas by deploying them at Powaitu Para of Gaindya Union in Rajasthali of Rangamati district. Recently, it has been reported that the Mog Party armed terrorists have been deployed at Kuhalong mouza in Bandarban Sadar area at the initiative of the army. It is learnt that a terrorist named Md. Rony has been given the responsibility of leading the Mog Party in Kuhalang area. Mog Party has been given the responsibility of extortion at Paichhara area in Bandarban Sadar.