An armed cadre of Reformist injured in the infighting clash in Longadu


Hill Voice, 15 July 2020, Rangamati:  A member of armed Reformist has been injured in the infighting clash of Reformist armed cadres who have been staying under shelter of the army at Tintila in Longadu upazila of Rangamati district.

The incident took place on 15 July 2020 at around 1:00 am at Kathaltali area in Tintila of Upazila sadar. The injured Reformist was identified as Sujoy Chakma (23). He is the son of Rangadhan Chakma of Dojorpara of Longadu.

According to local sources, three armed Reformist members, namely, Sujoy Chakma, Bablumoni Chakma (28) and Kamal Bikash Chakma (19) have been staying at a house in Kathatali of Longadu Upazila.

A local villager said, he suddenly heard gunshots last night. Later he known that Sujoy Chakma, one of the three reformist members, was shot.

On hearing the news, the army and police rushed to the spot and rescued the injured Sujoy Chakma and took him to Longadu Upazila Health Complex.

The other two members of the Reformist group, Bablumoni Chakma and Kamal Bikash Chakma, are missing, the villager said on condition of anonymity.

He further added that the shootings may have been taken place between the Reformists due to internal quarrels.