Amry’s indiscriminate blank fires at Jumma village, harassment in Longadu

Photo: Symbolic

Hill Voice, 17 September 2023, Rangamati: It is reported that the army randomly fired massive blank shots aiming at Jumma villages in Atakrakchara union under Longadu upazila in Rangamati hill district. Along with that, later, the army personnel harassed and threatened the villagers.

As per the Longadu correspondent of Hill Voice, the army personnel of ‘Tejaswi Bir Karalyachari sub-zone’ of Atarakchara union, recklessly fired at least 100-150 rounds of blank shots aiming at Jumma residential area along the east and north direction of the camp yesterday, on September 16, 2023 at around 9:30 pm. The incident caused widespread anxiety and panic among the local Jumma people.

The Longadu Hill Voice correspondent further informed that an army team numbering 20/25 led by Karalyachari sub-zone deputy commander Major Rifat entered Karalyachari village and detaining 15/16 villagers, grouped them in a place there. At that time, Major Rifat said to the villagers that yesterday night, the army retaliated as soon as someone fired at the army personnel of the camps. During his talks, he intentionally blamed JSS for the firing incident.

At this moment, threatening the villagers, Major Rifat said, ‘You know everything about the attackers of our camp, you provided them food and know everything about their hideouts. Tell the truth, otherwise I will send everyone to jail. If you don’t want to be harassed, confess, who are responsible for this occurrence.’

Till writing this report, the names of two villagers have been found on whose house the bullets hit. They are- Sukka Bikash Chakma, son of Bangalya Chakma and Mihir Kiron Chakma, son of Rajendra Chakma. The house owners confirmed that bullets hit their houses.

On the other hand, among the victims who were picked up and interrogated, harassed and threatened by the army, four persons’ names were identified. They are- (1) Sukka Bikash Chakma, son of Bangalya Chakma, (2) Moni Bap Chakma, son of Shilaprue Chakma, (3) Kalachan Chakma, son of Jhurba Chakma, (4) Laskmi Bikash Chakma, son of Ulaman Chakma. They all are residents of Karalyachari village.

It is learnt that after interrogation and threat, the villagers were freed from the army custody subject to the condition that they would have to appear in the camp whenever they were called by army camp authority.