Allegations of land grabbing and misdeeds by Army and AL-backed terrorists in Bandarban

Photo: Democratic (UPDF) member Anupam Chakma (left) and Mog Party member Anumong Marma.

Hill Voice, 7 May 2022, Bandarban: Recently, the army and Awami League-backed UPDF (Democratic) terrorists have been accused of forcibly occupying the land of various people including the land of Buddhist monastery in the Bandarban hill district and committing various crimes. It is learnt that no remedy has been found even after informing the administration and some people are not daring to open their mouths in this regard for fear of life. According to the victims, the army and the local Awami League have been supporting and nurturing these terrorists.

Recently there have been reports of such land grabbing and crimes by UPDF (democratic) terrorists in Bandarban Sadar Upazila and Roangchari Upazila.

According to local sources, a leader of the UPDF (Democratic) terrorist group Anupam Chakma (35) recently forcibly took over 3 acres of land at a Buddhist monastery in Chakma village near Meghla Parjatan (Tourusm) under Bomang Raja Uchawprue’s No.313 Mouza in Bandarban Sadar Upazila. Location of Anupam Chakma’s house could not be determined. However, his grandfather’s house is said to be in the Reserve Bazaar area in Rangamati district. It is learnt that he is currently in charge of coordination with the administration on behalf of the UPDF (Democratic) group in Bandarban district. As a result, he has regular contacts with various army and intelligence officials as well as with Awami League leaders including Bandarban Hill District Council Chairman Kyawshwehla Marma.

It is learnt that Anupam Chakma has already created plantations on the site of the grabbed Buddhist monastery and built a huge wooden house.

A Chakma villager who did not want to publish his name said that an armed group of UPDF (Democratic) terrorists was currently stationed in the wooden house with the direct help of Lt. Col. Md. Mahmudur Rahman PSC, Commander of Bandarban Army Zone of 5 East Bengal Regiment of Bangladesh Army. ‘I am very worried about the possible clash with their opponents’ he said.

The villager further said that almost every day in that house the terrorists were shouting after consuming drugs and yaba and the voices of women could also be heard. Although the villagers were restless, no one dared to open his mouth and say anything.

‘We have been living here for many years since the Kaptai dam’, said an elderly man from the village, who did not want to be named.

The land was officially designated for the construction of Buddhist monasteries. But a man named Anupam Chakma forcibly took possession of it. Later, Charming babu a commander of UPDF (Democratic) terrorist group was informed but to no avail.

On the other hand, it is also known that on June 3, 2022, Anupam Chakma forcibly and conspiratorially forced Hafhri Marma, a karbari from Lemujhiri Para, Balaghata Mouza, Bandarban Sadar Upazila, to hand over 6 decimals of his land to a member of the Army Intelligence Unit.

It is learnt that Karbari Hafhri Marma has a little inter family dispute over the land. But Anupam Chakma, using the family feud, conspired with Sergeant Mohammad Aziz Ullah, a member of the Army Security Unit of Bandarban Army Zone, and compelled to sell the land to Aziz Ullah.

It is learnt that Mohammad Aziz Ullah bought the land for Tk 5 lakh but its actual price is several times more than that. But the victim Karbari Hafhri Marma could not say anything to anyone as he received the arms threat.

Meanwhile, another local source said that innocent Jumma villagers are called to the office of the UPDF (Democratic) terrorists at Balaghata in Bandarban Sadar almost every day and beaten issuing various reasons. From there most of times screams of people are heard coming out.

A Bengali shopkeeper neighboring of the terrorists’ office said that UPDF (Democratic) terrorists often bring young women to their office. Sometimes they can hear screaming of torture. We are also in panic. Despite informing the administration they have been playing a silent role.

He said that even yesterday (June 6, 2022) the screams of more than 3/4 people were heard at the balaghata office when the president of the Bandarban district committee of the UPDF (Democratic) Mongpu Headman came there. It has been learnt that Mongpu himself tortures people.

In addition, in Jamchari Union of Roangchhari Upazila there have been allegations of forcible grabbing of land from Jummas by UPDF (Democratic) terrorists.

According to multiple local sources, some of the leaders of UPDF (Democratic) terrorists have forcibly took over 2 out of 5 acres of hilly land belonging to Aungchamong Marma Karbari, village head of Tampru Para in No. 340 Mouza of Jamchari Union.

A Marma villager who did not want to be named said that on May 10, 2022, an armed group of 10-12 people led by Anupam Chakma, a member of the UPDF (Democratic) terrorists and Anumong Marma (land broker), a member of the Mog Party came and grabbed the land of Aungchamong Marma in our village. They cut down many trees in the karbari’s area, smashed the boundary wall and poles, put up a signboard bearing the name of Anupam Chakma in the grabbed land and then left.

The villagers informed that the administration was informed by the victims two days after the incident but no response was received.