Allegation of forging Headman signature for 1700 acre land to install solar power plant in Lakshmichari

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Hill Voice, 11 March 2024, Special Correspondent: To occupy 1700 acres of land, no objection certificate (NOC) and headman signature was forged by an outsider company for installation of a solar power plant in Jarulchari Mouza of Lakshmichari Upazila under Khagrachari hill district.

Mongsaigya Chowdhury, headman of Jarulchari Mouza, complained himself to this regard. On March 3, 2024, he filed a complaint with the Minister of the Ministry of Chittagong Hill Tracts Affairs requesting to cancel the process of acquisition of the said land. Besides, he submitted the copies to the Chairman of Chittagong Hill Tracts Regional Council, the Chairman of Khagrachari Hill District Council, the Chief of Mong Circle of Khagrachari Hill District, the Zone Commander of Lakshmichari army zone, the Chairman of Lakshmichari Upazila Parishad, the Chairman of Duilatuli Union Parishad of Lakshmichari Upazila, the President of Khagrachari Headman Association, the President of Khagrachari Karbari Association and concerned ward members of the union.

According to the source, an outsider company, CDTO-CRCCII-CCECC-ERECBL CONSORTIUM has submitted a proposal to the Power Division of the Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry of the Government to set up a 200 MW (AC) grid-tide solar power plant project on 1700 acres of land at Jarulchari Mouza. Recommendations, on behalf of the Lakshmichari Upazila Executive Officer, and the Lakshmichari Assistant Commissioner (Land) and Upazila Agriculture Officer (in-charge)- have already been sent to the authority concerned of the electricity division to allocate the said land for the project.

Even, NOC was made with the forged signature of the headman stating- the headmen have no objection or complaint if the promoters of the project use the land for the project. The NOC was used fraudulently in various offices. It is noteworthy that, recommendation of the headman and approval of the Hill District Council are obligatory to purchase, sell or get allotment of the Mouza land in Chittagong Hill Tracts, according to customary law, the CHT Accord and Hill District Council Act. In this case, although the headman NOC was forged, yet it was not known whether the approval of the Hill District Council was taken.

Mongsaigya Chowdhury stated in his petition that the company CDTO-CRCCII-CCECC-ERECBL CONSORTIUM sent a proposal to the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources for 1700 acre land allotment against 200 MW (AC) Grid Tide Solar Power Plant installation Project at Jarulchari Mouza in Lakshmichari Upazila. In the proposal, an NOC was added with the papers forging my signature and mentioning 1200/1300 acres of land on sealed pad of my Jarulchari Mouza. The memo no is 217/11/Jarulchari, Date: 10-09-2023 AD. It is surprising that I know nothing about all that. I do not belong to the signature and writings on the NOC. The certificate is completely forged one.

He requested to take necessary measures to cancel the file forwarded for the power plant installation project.