Allegation of death of Santal child due to wrong treatment in Rajshahi


Hill Voice, 11 September 2020, Rajshahi: In Rajshahi, a Santal child has died due to wrong treatment. The three-and-a-half-month-old baby died at the Popular Diagnostic Center in Laxmipur area of ​​the city, according to his relatives. The hospital authorities have denied the allegations.

The baby was taken to the Popular Diagnostic Center last Wednesday (September 9) afternoon due to pneumonia. At 7 o’clock in the evening get the serial to meet Dr. Belal Hossain. At this time due to Corona, Dr. Belal Hossain was sitting at home watching patients online.

He told the assistant to give the child a nebulizer. Then he asked to do X-ray. But after giving the nebulizer, the child’s physical condition deteriorated. They rushed to Rajshahi Medical College (RAMEC) Hospital. The child died after going there.

After her death, relatives took the baby’s body to the Popular Diagnostic Center. They demanded justice, alleging wrongful treatment for the child’s death.

OC of Rajpara Police Station Shahadat Hossain Khan said his relatives were complaining that the child had died due to wrong treatment. Later we said, we will take legal action. We will do an autopsy on the body. But they did not agree to the autopsy. They took the body away from the police station without doing an autopsy.

Dr. Belal Hossain said the child was having difficulty breathing due to pneumonia. So, the nebulizer has been given. Seeing this, the relatives say that the child has been killed with gas. But the matter is not correct. Thousands of children take nebulizers. It was not the wrong treatment.