A Tripura woman allegedly tortured by a UP member in Fatikchhari


Hill voice, 19 August 2020, Chittagong: Abul Mansur (55), a member of the Ward No. 7 of Narayanhat Union Parishad in Fatikchhari upazila of Hathazari district, has been accused of beating an indigenous woman from Harinmara village named Basumati Tripura. The incident took place on 13 August 2020 Thursday.

According to local sources, Abul Mansur, a member of Ward No. 7, took finger print on white paper from Basumati Tripura on March 5 in the name of providing relief from the Union Parishad. From then on, Abul Mansur showed the fake marriage certificate and registration paper of their marriage and claimed that the victim was his wife.

When Basumati Tripura came to know about the news, she prepared to lodge a complaint with the chairman of Narayanhat Union Parishad seeking justice, but she became under severe attack by Abul Mansur on her way to the Chairman. Later the people of the area intervened and an arbitration was held. When the member of the arbitration showed the fake marriage documents of Abul Mansur, the people of the arbitrator ruled in favor of Abul Mansur without any verification.

Later, 18 August 2020 the victim lodged a complaint with the Fatikchhari Upazila Nirbahi Officer seeking justice for the attack on her. She told Hill Voice that Abul Mansoor had taken tips from me in the name of giving rice but my marriage with him was fabricated and false. I want justice.

In this context, Narayanhat Union Parishad Chairman Mohammad Harun said, “I am ashamed of the behavior one of my UP member.” All kinds of cooperation will be given for the victim woman to get justice. I also want justice. I will agree with the decision of the UNO in accordance with the law.

Ful Kumar Tripura, a central member of the Bangladesh Adivasi Forum, said ‘the manner in which a Tripura woman was beaten at noon was injustice. I demand appropriate punishment of the accused from the administration.’