A Jumma girl kidnapped by two Bengali settlers in Longadu


Hill Voice, 30 March 2023, Rangamati: A Chakma girl (15) studying in grade 10 was allegedly kidnapped by Muslim Bengali settler named Md. Sakib Hossain Manna(21) and his associate of Settler area of ​​Mainimukh Union of Longadu Upazila under Rangamati district.

According to local residents and family sources, this girl was abducted from her home in Mahajanpara of Longadu Union on the night of March 23, 2023. Ritasi Chakma, the mother of the abducted girl, filed a complaint on March 26, 2023 with Longadu police station.

Ritasi Chakma in her complaint accused Md Sakib Hossain Manna and 13 others were involved with the abduction. The accused persons are- (1) Md. Sakib Hossain Manna (21), s/o Md. Jamal Uddin, Sonai (Islamabad), Mainimukh Union; (2) Md. Jamal Uddin (50), s/o late Taib Ali; (3) Mochammat Salma Begam (45), w/o Jalal Uddin; (4) Mochamnat Kajali Begam (30), d/o Md. Jamal Uddin, present address – Dhaka; (5) Md. Shamim Hossain (28), s/o Md Jamal Uddin, Sonai (Islamabad), Mainimukh Union; (6) Md. Shakeel Hossain (25), s/o Md. Jamal Uddin; (7) Md. Shah Ali (28), s/o Akbar Ali; (8) Md. Sarowar (38), s/o late Muktar Ali; (9) Md. Azizul (32), s/o Abdul Malek; (10) Md. Rezaul (35), s/o Abdul Barek; (11) Md. Altab Khan (60); (12) Md. Jamal Uddin (39); (13) Md. Kamal (36).

According to local and family sources, Md. Sakib Hossain Manna along with some of his accomplices came to the house of the girl and picked up her around the morning of March 23, 2023. Her mother Ritasi Chakma alleged that Md. Sakib Hossain Manna kidnapped her minor daughter for allure to marriage.

They also said that, after searching in various places, when it was confirmed that the settler Md. Shakib Hossain Manna and his associates had detained the girl, the family of the abductee and the local leaders put pressure on the guardians and relatives of the accused. At one point, parents and relatives of the accused confessed the kidnapping and promised to hand over the girl to the guardian within 48 hours on the condition of not filing a case. But after the passing ascertained time, instead of handing over the girl, the guardians of Md. Sakib Hossain Manna helped their son to escape with the girl and sent a proposal to marry the girl to Md. Sakib Hossain Manna.

Meanwhile, the accused abductor and his relatives are threatening the mother of the abducted girl for severe consequences any time, said Ritasi Chakma.

On the other hand, Ritasi Chakma filed a complaint, but the police authority did not registered this complaint as a case.

Since February 10, to today, 8 Jumma women have been victims of violence. It is very alarming that out of these 8 incidents only one person of an incident was arrested by the police, but the 22 accused of rest 7 incidents were not arrested. Thus, due to injustice and impunity, indigenous Jumma women are being subjected to violence one after another.