A Jumma abducted by army and ruling party-backed terrorists in Rajasthali


Hill Voice, 14 December 2020, Rangamati: It has been alleged that a 40-year-old Jumma villager named Chittagula Tanchangya was abducted by the army and ruling party Awami League backed Mag Party terrorists from Gaindya area of ​​Rajasthali upazila under Rangamati Hill District.

According to local sources, on December 9, 2020 at around 9:00 am, Chittagula Tanchangya was abducted by Mag Party terrorists from Hnaramukh Para area of ​​Gaindya Union in Rajasthali Upazila.

The abducted Chittagula is a resident of Chingkhyang Thanchangya Para village of Tanchangya Gaindya Union. Five days after the abduction, no trace of the abducted Chittagula Thanchangya was found.