A grocery shopkeeper shot by army-backed Mog Party in Rajasthali

Photo : Symbolic

Hill Voice, 4 February 2022, Rangamati: It has been alleged that an innocent grocery shopkeeper was shot by army-backed Mog Party terrorists in Bangalhalia under Rajasthali upazila of Rangamati. However, the shots missed the target.

According to local sources, on Friday (February 4) at around 1:00 pm, four terrorists of army-backed Mog Party attacked an innocent grocery shopkeeper in Gaindya Para on Bangalhalia Road in Rajasthali.

The grocery shopkeeper’s name is Uchainue Marma (30), son of Mongeuching Marma. Besides running a grocery store, Uchaineu also worked as a construction worker.

Uchaineu Marma was having lunch at his shop during the armed attack by the Mog Party. He tried to run away when he saw Mog Party terrorists approaching his shop. Miscreants of the Mog Party immediately fired at Uchaineu Marma. However, the shots missed the target and Uchaineu Marma survived.

It is learnt that the attack was carried out under the leadership of Aungsingneu Marma, leader of Mog Party, son of from Kakarachari Para of Chandraghona polic station in Rangamati district.
An hour after the Mog Party terrorists left, a group of army personnel from the Bangalhalia army camp rushed to Gaindya Para to search for Uchaineu Marma.

The army’s allegation against Uchaineu Marma is that he has illegal weapons. It is learnt that the army personnel left after instructing villagers to appear Uchaineu Marma at the Bangalhalia camp on Saturday.