A fish farming pond of Jumma villager occupied by army in Sajek


Hill Voice, 18 July 2020, Rangamati:  It has been alleged that the Army’s Engineering Construction Battalion (ECB) have taken possession of a fish farming pondbelonging Rupayan Chakma (35), son of Diberon Chakma, of 9 No. Para of Sajek Union under Baghaichari upazila inRangamati district.

Rupayan Chakma, the owner of the pond, alleged that his fish farming pond was seized on 17 July 2020 Friday taking hisfinger print on white paper while he went to camp as being called by army.

According to the complainant, a camp of the Army’s Engineering Construction Battalion (ECB) was set up there after Rupayan Chakma was evicted after occupying 5.0 acres of land at the end of last year. At that time, Subedar Mumtaz (ECB) in charge of the camp promised the owner of the land to dig a pond suitable for fish farming.

According to that promise, Subedar Mumtaz dug a pond adjacent to the camp for the owner of the land. A few months ago, Subedar Mumtaz was transferred from that camp and moved elsewhere. Instead, a captain named Md. Tahir came to the new charge in the camp.

Captain Md. Tahir, who is currently in charge of the camp, called Rupayan Chakma and local Karbari (village head) Alo Bikash Chakma and took them to the camp at 2pm on Friday.

When he (land owner) went to the camp, the army took finger print from Rupayan Chakma on a white paper in front of Captain Md. Tahir and Karbari and took possession of his fish farming pond. The victim Rupayan Chakma was informed that the pond would be owned by the camp from now on.

Rupayan Chakma lamented, “I was forced to relocate at the end of last year because an army camp was set up on my 5.0-acre land. At that time, as promised, Subedar Mumtaz, who was in charge of the camp, dug a pond adjacent the camp for me to use for fish farming.”

He further added that ‘this year I have started fish farming in the pond. Now the pond has also been taken over by the camp.’ He has drawn the attention of the concerned authorities and the government to get the pond and the land back.