7 soldiers causalities in KNF attack in Rowangchari, 5 Bawm people killed by army

Photo: Victim army personnel by KNF attack

Hill Voice, 3 May 2024, Special Correspondent: It is reported that one army personnel was killed and 6 were injured in an ambush by KNF armed terrorists on an army patrol group in Kaplong Para area of Rowangchari Upazila in Bandarban district.

On the other hand, immediately after the incident, another group of army killed 5 innocent Bawm civilians in cold blood going to Painkhyong Para (village) of the same upazila.

It has been reported from reliable sources, the both incidents took place in the afternoon yesterday (May 2) consecutively. However, no statement has been received from the army and KNF regarding the incidents so far.

Photo: Body of Lalchansang Bawm killed in army firing

According to related sources, the KNF terrorists suddenly attacked a group of patrolling army in Kaplong Para area around 3 pm yesterday. Meanwhile, 7 members of the army were shot at it. There, one of them died in the area of Kaplong. The other 6 injured army personnel were rushed to Rowanchari Upazila Hospital, then, to Chittagong Combined Military Hospital by helicopter from Rawangchari army camp. The condition of 1 person of them is known to be critical.

Local sources also said, shortly after being attacked, another group army went to the neighboring Painkhyong Para (village) and surrounded it. Then, the army detained 20 innocent Bawm people in the village and gathered them at one place. Afterwards, the army shot 5 villagers dead of 20 detained Bawm civilions in cold blood.

The 5 murders victim Bawm people were identified as – (1) Peter Bawm, son of- Santhak Bawm, a Karbari of Painkhyong Para; (2) Vanlalthual Bawm, son of- Vhanchanh Bawm, Village- Painkhyong Para; (3) Ramchanah Bawm, son of Laldeng Bawm, Village- Painkhyong Para; (4) Lalchonsang Bawm, son of Nankup Bawm, Village- Painkhyong Para and (5) Lalremsang Bawm, Village- Lai Para.

The villagers alleged, in retaliation, the army killed the innocent and ordinary Bawm villagers in cold blood after being attacked by the KNF members.

It is reported that although the army has not admitted the killing of the 5 Bawm people, however, it is just labeling the murdered Lalchansang Bawm as KNF member. On the contrary, the villagers claimed that Lalchansang Bawm was not involved with the KNF in any way.

Notably, the joint forces led by army and DGFI began operation against the KNF in response to the looting of 14 weapons along with money by robbing Sonali Bank branch in Ruma and Sonali Bank and Krishi Bank branches in Thanchi by KNF on April 2 and 3 consecutively.

During the operation, reportedly, 1 soldier was killed and 2 soldiers were seriously injured in the firing of KNF terrorists on April 19, 2024, in Pindu Union area of Ruma Upazila in Bandarban.

It is also reported that 2 armed terrorists of KNF were killed and various equipment including 3 guns were recovered in a Bangladesh army-KNF shootout on April 29, in Remakri-Prangsa Union of Ruma Upazila.

It is learnt that a total of 116 people has been detained since April 7 in the ongoing anti-KNF operation by the security forces. Among those arrestees, all were innocent civilians including children, women excepting 5 associated with KNF. Besides, a Bawm student was shot dead in cold blood by the army in the name of crossfire and another woman was injured by a mortar shell.

Most importantly, forming armed terrorist group one after another as colonial policy of divide and rule, the KNF was created by the army as a conspiracy to thwart the movement for the implementation of the CHT Accord. Later, in exchange of money, when KNF’s providing shelter and military training to Islamic militant groups was leaked, the army and Bangladesh government was compelled to conduct military operations against KNF under international pressure. Thus, today the KNF has become a boomerang issue to the army.