7 Jumma houses searched and people harassed by army in Jurachari

Photo : Symbolic

Hill Voice, 17 March 2021, Rangamati: It has been alleged that again 7 Jumma houses have been searched and people of the houses harassed by the Bangladesh Army in Jurachhari Union of Jurachhari Upazila under Rangamati Hill District.

According to local sources, on March 17, 2021 at around 11:30 pm, a group of army led by Captain Anam, Commander of the newly established Lulangchhari Army Camp under Banjogichhara Army Zone of the upazila, cordoned off Sapchhari and Lulangchhari Jumma villages. During this time, the army conducted extensive searches and ransacked in at least 6 houses, and harassed the people of the house.

Houses which were searched are- 1. Sameeran Chakma, son of Vijay Mohan Chakma, village-Sapchhari; 2. Krishna Chakma, son of Harinath Chakam, Village-Do; 3. Gyaneshwar Chakma, son of Chitaram Chakma, Village-Do; 4. Lalon Chandra Chakma, son of Kalachan Chakma, Village-Do; 5. Kiran Chakma (current UP Member), son of Vijay Mohan Chakma, Village-Do; . Dayananda Dewan, son of Amrita Lal Dewan, Village-Do and 7. Pathar Muni Chakma, son of late Lalit Bhushan Chakma, village-Lulangchhari.

It may be mentioned that on March 9, 2021 in the morning, the Bangladesh Army arrested two sick and innocent Jummas named Shanti Ranjan Chakma (25) and Ranjan Chakma (35) in Maidung Union of Jurachhari Upazila of Rangamati and tortured them by tying them to a tree.

On February 23, 2021, late night at around 2:30 am a team of army and police personnel led by Lt. Col. Md. Akhtaruzzaman Faisal PSC, Commander of Banyogichhara Army Zone of Ronoturjyo 7 Bengal of Army of Jangarachhi Upazila numbering 80-90 surrounded the village of Kathaltali of Jurachari union. At this time an atmosphere of fear was created among the people of the village. After that, the army took three villagers named (1) Binoy Chakma (30), son of Punya Kumar Chakma, (2) Morotsaw Chakma (40), son of Hengotte Chakma and (3) Gunomni Chakma Paju (60), son of Malachan Chakma of Kathaltali village waking up them from sleep to the newly established Lulangchhari army camp and detained them there.