4 Jumma villagers detained by army in Dighinala


Hill Voice, 2 March 2021, Khagrachari: It has been alleged that a group of army from Dighinala Army Zone in Dighinala Upazila under Khagrachhari Hill District has detained four Jumma villagers from Banchara area.

According to local sources, the detaining took place at around 4:30 am on March 2, 2021. The detainees are -1. Purna Jiban Chakma (50), son of Jitendra Chakma, 2. Samar Bikash Chakma Bhala (42), son of Chandradev Chakma, 3. Prottoi Chakma Priti (45), son of Arananda Chakma and 4. Bidhu Bhushan Chakma (48), son of Priya Ranjan Chakma.

It was not immediately clear where the army took the detainees.