3 Jummas including a woman abducted by army-backed Reformists in Longadu


Hill Voice, 20 July 2020, Rangamati:  It has been alleged that on 20 June 2020,three Jumma people, including a woman, were abducted from Longadu Sadar Upazila area of ​​Rangamati district by the army-backed Reformist terrorists. However, the three abductees were later released due to public pressure and in exchange of ransom.

The three victims of the abduction are – 1. Ripon Chakma (30), son of Chandra Mohan Headman, from Rangipara underLongaduSadar Union, 2. Mintu Chakma, son of Jitendra Kabari, from Ranjit Para under Bagachatar Union, 3. Mrs. Natuna Chakma (wife of Nirodh Chakma, from Chiberega under Bagachatar Union.

According to local sources, around 11:00 this morning, Reformist terrorists abducted Ripon Chakma and Mintu Chakma from the premises of Longadu branch office of Bangladesh Krishi Bank in Longadu Sadar and Natna Chakma from Raju shop in Longadu Bazar.

After the abduction, the terrorists kept Ripon Chakma and Mintu Chakma in one room of abandoned fertilizer godown quarters in Longadu Upazila and Natuna Chakma in another room by locking the rooms from outside. They then called the guardians of the abductees and asked them to contact them within an hour with a ransom of Tk. 1.0 lakh for each and ordered them not to disclose the matter to anyone else.

After being detained for around three hours, Natuna Chakma was released at around 2:00 pm under the pressure of her parents on the condition that the matter should not be reported to anyone, but the other two were not released till then.

Although the Reformists initially denied the abduction and detention of the other two, but Ananga Lal Chakma, President of the Reformist Longadu thana branch, later admitted the incident under pressure from locals. The abducted Ripon Chakma and Mintu Chakma were reportedly released to local elders and guardians around 6:00 pm.

It is to be noted that the kidnappers were released after collecting ransom from everyone and putting conditions, according to reliable sources. However, it is learnt that no one is willing to open their mouths for fear of violating the conditions imposed on them as to how much money they have paid for the ransom.