2 villagers beaten by army-backed Reformists in Jibtali, UP member detained


Hill Voice, 7 June 2020, Rangamati:  Two innocent Jumma villagers were inhumanely beaten and another UP member was taken hostage by army-backed Reformist armed miscreants at Jibtali of Sadar upazila in Rangamati district.

According to local sources, a member of Ward No. 9 of Jibtali Union and also resident of Dhulyachhari village named Dipankar Chakma (35), son of Anand Lal Chakma was ordered by Reformist armed group to meet with them at Jibatali Chairman Para.

Accordingly, on 6 June 2020 Friday at noon Dipankar Chakma along with Ranjit Chakma (33), son of Anand Lal Chakma and Rajan Chakma (19) son of Robin Chakma of Dhulyachhari village went to Chairman Para to meet the Reformist group.

But as soon as they arrived, without saying anything, the Reformist armed terrorists started beating Ranjit Chakma and Rajan Chakma inhumanely. After the beating, the two villagers were released in the afternoon. But the UP member Dipankar Chakma was held hostage by the Reformists.

On the other hand, the Reformist group informed Jatin Chandra Tanchangya, the headman of Koushalya Mouza of Jibtali Union, to take member Dipankar Chakma on his charge. At the same time, the Reformists ordered Jatin Chandra Tanchangya to bring Shanti Chakma and Bijay Lal Chakma along with him to the Reformist group.

Today, on 7 June 2020 Saturday morning, the Reformist terrorists inhumanly tortured UP member Dipankar Chakma, who was being held hostage by the Reformists, and also snatched his mobile phone. It is learnt that at noon Dipankar Chakma was released in charge of Headman Jatin Chandra Tanchangya, Karbari of Bakchhari village Shanti Lal Chakma and mother of Dipankar Chakma, Tanubala Chakma, and in exchange of Tk. 50 thousand.

The conditions were: he should not be told that he has been physically abused and released in exchange for money, and that he must appear to them at any moment if he is called. Violation of any of the conditions would result in death threats.

The Reformist and UPDF (Democratic) armed terrorists are staying at the house of Chairman Sudatta Chakma after the army escorted them to Chairman Para of Jibtali Union on the afternoon of 31 May 2020.

From there, the army-backed terrorists have been harassing, beating, extorting and threatening people by calling the people of the area on the phone. On Thursday, 4 June 2020, a meeting with the local people was held by Reformist armed members led by Mithun Chakma at Jibtali Chairman Para.

The Reformists forced the villagers to attend the meeting one from every family whether male or female. The Reformists informed the villagers at the meeting that no one would be able to work for the Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samiti led by Santu Larma. They instructed the villagers to join either the Reformist party or the ruling Awami League.

In the meeting, the Reformists demanded extortion from the locals, otherwise threatened to face difficult situations. Recently, Reformist and UPDF (Democratic) terrorists have called the villagers demanding extortion from the employees of Barkal Upazila and from every village and family in Jurachhari and Baghaichhari upazilas.

Local sources further said that on 6 June 2020 at around 10:00 am the army had brought about 20/30 Reformist and UPDF (Democratic) armed groups to Bilaichhari Bazar of Bilaichari upazila. It is learnt that army-backed armed terrorists are currently stationed in Bilaichhari bazar.