2 KNF members killed in shootout with army

Photo: Collected

Hill Voice, 29 April 2024, Special Correspondent: A gun fight has been taken place between the Bangladesh Army and the KNF armed terrorists in Remakri-Prangsa Union of Ruma Upazila under Bandarban district on 29 April, reliable sources said. 2 armed members of KNF were killed and various equipment including 3 guns were reportedly recovered by the army in the confrontation.

According to the related sources, a group of army led by Lieutenant Colonel Sarkar Zulkar Nain of 16 East Bengal of Bangladesh Army conducted the search operation in that morning from 3:30 am to 9:30 am in Baktlai Para area of Ward No. 6 in Remakri-Prangsa Union of Ruma. At that time, when the KNF members came face to face with the army personnel, a gunfight occurred between the two sides.

2 armed members of the KNF were shot dead in the shootout and the army captured several equipment including three guns and ammunition.

The two killed KNF members were identified as – (1) Among Bawm, self-proclaimed Sergeant, address- Thaikhiang Para, Remakri Prangsa Union and (2) Lalrual Pui Bawm, self-proclaimed Lance Corporal, address- Lyrunpi Para, Ruma Sadar Union.

The villagers ordered to return home, threatened by army

On the other hand, on April 27, a group of army reportedly ordered the villagers of Munnoyam Para and its neighbouring villagers, who fled fearing of any army operation, to return to their homes within the next 5 days. Otherwise, the army threatened to burn their houses. It is said that this has created more anxiety and panic among the villagers.

It is known that on the same day, a joint force team found 100 blankets and 100 plates from a Jum house conducting search operation in Ruma’s Happy Hill Para area. Later, the joint forces reportedly burnt the materials.

5 people detained by the army

On April 26, an army group reportedly arrested 5 Bawm people from Munnoam Para of Ruma. Of them, three person’s names were known. They are Daniel Bawm, son of Zum Taylor Bawm; Akum Bawm, son of Laltumoy Bawm and Lalroyam Bawm, son of Lalbardir Bawm.

Notably, Joint forces led by army and DGFI have continued operations against the KNF from April 7 followed by KNF terrorists looted 14 weapons along with money by robbing Sonali Bank branch in Ruma, and Sonali Bank and Krishi Bank branches in Thanchi on April 2 and 3.

It is reported that the security forces detained sum 111 people from April 7 to April 22 in the ongoing anti-KNF operation. Among the detainees 4 were children, 5 were associated with the KNF and the rest were all ordinary people. Of those victims, total 23 people including 13 Tripura and 5 Marma freed after detention. Besides, the army shot dead a Bawm student in cold blood in the name of crossfire and injured a woman by shelling mortar indiscriminately.

Noteworthy, the army have created the KNF as part of conspiracy to thwart the movement for the implementation of the CHT Accord and formed armed terrorist group one after another based on the colonial policy of divide and rule. Later, in exchange of money, when KNF’s providing shelter and military training to Islamic militant groups was leaked, the army and Bangladesh government was compelled to conduct military operations against KNF under international pressure. Thus, today the KNF has become a boomerang issue to the army.