2 beaten, 6 kidnapped, but released after 2 hours by KNF in Ruma

Photo: Symbolic

Hill Voice, 7 February 2024, Bandarban: It is reported that today (February 7) two indigenous Marma villagers were beaten up and 6 were kidnapped by army-created Kuki-Chin National Front (KNF), known as Bawm party. Reportedly, the victims were from Paindu Union of Ruma Upazila under Bandarban hill district.

The victims by physical torture were identified as Mangmongsing Marma (28), son of- Mangyo Marma, Village-Nyangkhyang Para, Paindu Union and a fellow of Mangmongsing Marma.

Besides, the victims of abduction were (1) Uchingmong Marma (41), son of- Prusathui Marma, Village-Parua Para, Pyandu Union (2) Name- unknown, village-Parua Para, (3). Soithuisai Marma (50), Village-Nyangkhyong Para, Pyandu Union, (4). Aungsainu Marma (17), son of- Chamongu Marma, Village-Nyangkhyong Para, Pyandu Union, (5) Angthwaiching Marma (45), son of- Adamong Marma, Village-Nyangkhyong Para, Pyandu Union and 6. Mongenu Marma (43), son of- Meduse Marma, Village- Nyangkhyong Para, Pyandu Union.
According to local sources, an armed group of 11 KNF members raided Parua Para village at around 8 am today and took away two guns holding government licence from villagers and abducted Uchingmong Marma and an unidentified one from that village.

Later, the KNF terrorist group moved to neighbouring Nyangkhyong Para village from Parua Para. At that time, having been beaten, the terrorists took Mangmongsing Marma and his fellow talking near Nyangkhyeong Para Primary School away with them inside the village. There, the terrorists shot dead two pet dogs and snatched away 22 coconuts plucking from tress. However, along with the dogs and coconuts, they abducted the above four persons of Nyangkhyong Para. It is known that they, however, paid Tk 2000 for the dogs and coconuts.

A local source said, at around 12 am, the terrorists released the 6 abductees.