19 houses of Jumma villagers raided and ransacked by army in Lulangchari of Jurachari

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Hill Voice, 20 December 2020, Rangamati: It has been alleged that the army searched the houses of 19 Jumma villagers in a harassing manner and ransacked belongings of the houses in Lulangchari of Jurachari upazila under Rangamati district. The incident took place on 20 December 2020 at around 12:00 noon.

According to local sources, a group of army numbering 90/100 members led by Lt. Col. Mohammad Faisal, Commander of Banyogichhara Army Zone of 7 Bengal, one Major and Captain Mehedi took up position in the forest around Lulangchari village around 3:00 am last night.

After leaving the jungle at around 12:00 noon, the army personnel entered the village of Lulangchari and conducted a massive search of various houses of the Jumma people and ransacked valuables including furniture and clothes. They harassed the villagers by interrogating various questions. Mobile phones of at least six villagers snatched and returned them after several hours.

The owners of the houses that have been searched are- 1. Bindu Chakma (40), son of Rebati Ranjan Chakma; 2. Dayal Chakma (45), son of Jaymohan Chakma; 3. Pathar Muni Karbari (65), son of Lalit Bhushan Chakma; 4. Rupan Chakma (40), son of Pathar Muni Karbari; 5. Babul Chakma (28), son of Kumo Ranjan Chakma; 6. Dhana Bindu Chakma (34), son of Rebati Ranjan Chakma; 7. Biswajit Chakma (22), son of Karnamoy Chakma; 8. Melinda Chakma (30), son of Karnamoy Chakma; 9. Sabi Ranjan Chakma (57), son of Nishiram Chakma; 10. Hirot Chandra Chakma (55), son of late Surjya Mohan Chakma; 11. Lusai Muni Chakma (55), son of Shuva Mangal Chakma; 12. Natun Chandra Chakma (50), son of Surjya Mohan Chakma; 13. Shanti Jiban Chakma (35), son of Bishu Mohan Chakma; 14. Santosh Chakma (30), son of Niranda Mohan Chakma; 15. Kinadhan Chakma (70), son of late Chandra Muni Chakma; 16. Madhu Chandra Chakma (35), son of Gula Muni Chakma; 17. Dhruba Chakma (35); 18. Pradeep Chakma (48), son of Rangachan Chakma; 19. Biraj Chandra Chakma (40), son of Surdashan Chakma.

Those from whom mobile phones have been snatched and detained are- 1. Jewel Chakma (35), son of Gyanalal Chakma; 2. Biswajit Chakma, son of Karnamoy Chakma; 3. Nil Hala Chakma, wife of Chihala Chakma; 4. Suchitra Chakma, wifer of Mitu Chakma; 5. Badi Chakma, son of Baruneshwar Chakma; 6. Baruneshwar Chakma.

It is learnt that a group of army with three more vehicles joined the village search during the raid at noon.

At around 4:30 pm, the army left for the nearby Patthar Moni Chakma Para village.

Meanwhile, in such an aggressive manner, the army conducted extensive house-to-house searches, causing panic in Lulangchari village and nearby Jumma villages.

Some elders in the area opined that the army intend to create a panic among the Jumma people by conducting indiscriminate house searching. This is tantamount to hurting the normal life of the Jumma people. This is nothing but a violation of the human rights of common Jumma people by the military.