16 innocent Jummas beaten by army in Ruma of Bandarban!


Hill Voice, 14 March 2021, Bandarban: It has been alleged that recently 16 innocent Jumma villagers have been tortured by the Bangladesh Army in two separate incidents in Bogalake area of ​​Ruma upazila under Bandarban Hill District. This happened early in this month. But for fear of torture, the victims did not report it to any media.

According to local sources, on March 5, 2021, at around 11:00 pm, a contingent of 16 Army personnel led by Subedar Zahid, Commander of Bogalake Army Camp in Ruma Sadar Union area went to the nearby Jumma village called Mongthowaiching Para. At that time, the army beat 7 Marma villagers without saying a word. That night the villagers were sleeping in the Buddhist temple of the village. The villagers took part in various activities of the temple and slept there at night. At that time, members of the army entered the temple putting on shoes and woke up the villagers and beat them.

The villagers who were beaten in Mongthowaiching Para are- Redase Marma (41), son of Mongthowaiching Marma (Karbari); 2. Hlanumang Marma (31), son of Kyathoai Aung Marma; 3. Kyanuching Marma (25), son of Kyathoai Aung Marma; 4. Monkainu Marma (16), son of Ach Marma; 5. Mongchawpru Marma (24), son of Chingsa Aung Marma; 6. Thuichingmong Marma (44), son of unknown; 7. Chawmongsing Marma (21), son of Singthowaiching Marma.

After that at around 12:00 pm, the army left Mongthowaiching Para and went to Prongfungmok Khumi Para. Even there, without any conversation, members of the army woke up 9 Khumi villagers and beat them severely. After a while, the army left the place. The names of the 9 Khumis were not known till this report was written.

This sudden and unjustified torture by the army is said to have caused concern, discontent and anger among the Jummas in the area.