1 army person killed, 2 injured by KNF shots in Ruma

Photo : Collected

Hill Voice, 19 April 2024, Special Correspondent: It has been reported that 1 army person was killed and 2 were seriously injured in shots by KNF terrorists in Paindu Union area of Ruma Upazila in Bandarban district.

According to a couple of sources, 3 army personnel were seriously injured by KNF terrorists in a shootout with a group of Bangladesh army at passenger set (jatri chaouny) area of Poli Pransha Para under Ward No. 9 of Paindu Union in Ruma Upazila on April 19, 2024, at around 4:10 pm. Corporal Rafiq died shortly after the injured soldiers were taken to the Ruma army garrison.

The other two injured army personnel were BJO 67302-Warrant Officer Md Idris Ali and Soldier Milon. Reportedly, all of them are the members of 28 Bir Bengal of Baratholi army Camp in Bartholi Union of Bilaichari Upazila under Rangamati District.

Injured Warrant Officer Md. Idris Ali and Soldier Milon were taken to Chittagong Military Hospital by helicopter. Among them, the injured Warrant Officer Md Idris Ali is known to be in critical condition.

Notably, so far, 77 Bawm and Tripura community men and women have been arrested by the joint forces military operation of the government against the KNF since April 7. According to local sources, most of the arrestees were innocent country folk. Among them, 18 were women, 2 were pregnant women, 8 were college-university students and others were public and private school teachers, public and private employees, farmers, labourers and people of various professions. Each of them has a specific profession.

So far, the joint forces could not able to arrest any active armed terrorist member of KNF. The joint forces led by Army and DGFI launched the operation against the KNF when this armed terrorist KNF looted 14 weapons along with money by robbing the Sonali Bank branch in Ruma and the Sonali Bank and Krishi Bank branches in Thanchi, on April 2 and 3, 2024.

It is alleged that Kuki-Chin National Development Organization (KNDO) was formed in 2008 under the leadership of Nathan Bawm and Vanchunliam Bawm with the help of the Army and DGFI. Later, in 2019, with the patronization of the army and DGFI, the KNF started propaganda against the implementation process of the CHT Accord and Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samiti that signed the Accord.