‍An innocent Jumma shot dead by army and army-backed terrorists in Rangamati


Hill Voice, 14 December 2020, Rangamati: It has been alleged that an innocent Jumma villager was shot dead by the army and army-backed armed terrorists in No.2 Mogban Union of Sadar upazila of Rangamati district.

According to local sources, on 13 December 2020 at around 7:30 pm Milton Chakma (48), vice president of the village committee of the PCJSS was picked up jointly by army of Jibtali camp and the UPDF (Democratic) and Reformist terrorists from his own home.

He was then taken to Bajyatali Bridge in Jibatali Union and tortured to death at 11:00 pm. It is learnt that the army members also fired a few rounds of blank shots to stage a gunfight at that time.

Milton Chakma is known to be the son of late Suresh Moni Chakma (Ledtang) of Magpara village in No. 5 Bandukbhanga Union of Rangamati Sadar Upazila. He got married from Prejuchhara village of Magban union. Based on that source, he settled at Prejuchhara. He also served as vice-president of the PCJSS’s village committee many years ago. But those committees have long since dissolved. At present he was living a normal life.

It is learnt that Jharna Chakma, Shubha Lal Chakma, Amarjib Chakma and Kajala Chakma were called from Bajyatali village this morning and their signatures were forcefully taken as witnesses saying that “the man wanted to snatch the weapons of the army personnel.” The body was later taken to Jibtali camp.